Fall Feels Palette and 24 sheets Watercolor Paper Stack Combo

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The combo contains our Fall Feels palette and 24 sheets of our watercolor paper. 

Autumn brings colors of change, mystery, comfort and new beginnings. We bring these same hues to your palette in our Fall Feels palette. We have eight colors in this range, including two brand new colors added to our range!

1. Turmeric Yellow Ochre - A staple in almost all artists' palettes, it is a warm, earthy, golden yellow with a large tonal range.
Pigment - PY42
LF - I, Opaque to transparent, non-granulating, non-staining

2. Hobbes - The first Orange in our line, it's named after one of my favourite fictional characters, Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. It's the perfect orange that mixes rich, earthy greens with Syahi Prussian Blue.
Pigment - PY83, PR112
LF - I, Semi-opaque, non-granulating, medium staining

3. Chinar Red - A warm, Venetian Red named after the flaming red Chinar trees of Kashmir. It is the perfect color for pink flesh tones. It has a large tonal range.
Pigment - PR101
LF - I, Opaque to transparent, medium granulating, non-staining

4. Acorn Glint - An intense red-brown mica paint, it is named after the shiny glint on autumn acorns. Moderately shimmering.
LF - I, Non-staining

5. Syahi Prussian Blue - "Syahi" means Ink in Hindi and this famous inky blue earns a permanent place in any palette. It is a stunning, deep cool blue with high tinting strength.
Pigment - PB27
LF- II, Transparent, non-granulating, staining

6. Maple - This color is reminiscent of the rich Burgundy color of maple leaves in fall. The granulation is just like the brown spot on maple leaves.
Pigment - PR122, PBr7
LF - II , Semi-opaque, granulating, staining 

7. Lamp black - Opaque and warm, this velvety black when mixed in moderation with high chroma colors can add depth to transparent color mixes.
Pigment - PBk6
LF - I , opaque, non-granulating, non-staining 

8. Copper - A classic pearlescent color, the name says it all.
LF - I, Non-staining


Paper Stack -

Our world-renowned watercolor paper is now available in loose sheets. Handcrafted paper from India, made with 100% cotton rag, 220gsm, luxurious bright-white paper.

• DIMENSIONS - 8.5" x 6.75"

• Paperback cover with deckled and hand-torn edges 

• 22 pages (44 sides) 

• Paper - 100% cotton, Indian handmade paper, cold press, 220gsm, Rough

• Cloth cover - Upcycled, high-quality Indian fabric

The papers have deckled edge/hand torn edges to maintain a rustic look. Please note that since these are handmade papers, you won't find perfect, parallel, straight edges. But then again, that is the beauty of artisanal papers.