Gilded Reds Palette
Gilded Reds Palette
Gilded Reds Palette
Gilded Reds Palette
Gilded Reds Palette
Gilded Reds Palette

Gilded Reds Palette

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Red and Gold are such auspicious colors representing Goddess Durga and Lakshmi in our culture that they’re worn by Indian brides. We created this palette for you to collect the colors of good fortune for your watercolor paintings.

Ready to meet the colors?

1. Valentine - The name says it all. It' the perfect pastel pink of Valentine!
Pigment - PV19, PW6
Opaque to translucent, non-granulating, non-staining

Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

2. Rose Kiss - This beauty can go as dark as a vibrant rose and as delicate as a cheek blushing under a kiss. The perfect color for soft florals and soft sunrise skies.
Pigment - PV19, PY42
Semi-transparent, lightly staining 
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

3. Morticia’s Lips - Named after one of my favourite Addams Family characters, this is a cool red which dilutes to a soft, clear pink.
Pigment - PR210
Semi-transparent, staining, non-granulating
Lightfastness - 7 = lightfast

4. Sanguine Scarlet - Otherwise known as Permanent Red, this is a stunning deep red leaning towards the cooler side. The perfect addition for your floral works.
Pigment - PR170
Semi-transparent, staining, non-granulation
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

5. Quin Gulaal (Quinacridone Rose) - Gulaal is a beautiful warm rose color in Indian culture. Our Quinacridone Rose is the perfect rose color with just the right amount of warmth in it. It's a highly important mixing cool red in many artist's palettes.
Pigment - PV19
Transparent, non-granulating, staining
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

6. Scarlet Ibis - This warm red is the perfect addition to any palette with high tinting strength.
Pigment - PR112
Transparent, non-granulating, staining
Lightfastness - 7 = Lightfast

7. Quin. Magenta - This gorgeous transparent pink is the cooler sister to our warm Quin. Gulaal. Extremely lightfast, use this to create your landscape skies or soft florals. Quin. Magenta has a large tonal range.
Pigment - PR122
Transparent, staining, non-granulating
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

8. Poinsettia Red - This deep, rich red granulates beautifully, with the red floating and the brown granulation settling down. Mix it with Light Olive to make rich browns.

Pigment - PR112, PR101
Semi transparent, granulating, slightly staining
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

9. Indian Red Chilli - A cool, dusky, earth red, it is the perfect color for pink flesh tones. It has a large tonal range.

Pigment - PR101
Opaque to transparent, medium granulating, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 = very lightfast

10. Gilded leaf - A duochrome pigment flitting between a subtle green and gold on white paper. It looks a solid gold on black surfaces.

11. Sunspear - the most beautiful gold mica color inspired by the stunning gold details in Rajasthani miniature paintings. Add a royal touch to your artworks with this.

12. Kuber's Gold - Named after the demi-God treasurer of Gods in our Hindu culture, this gold is brighter and glitters more than our famous Sunspear gold. It is also warmer. It has a saturation and richness that can only be felt when you really paint with it.

13. Rich Gold - Reminiscent of renaissance painting frames, this rich gold can add a heavy gilding to your florals or add a delicate, transparent shimmer to anything you desire.

Each pan is magnetised. The paints come in their individual portable tin boxes. All tin boxes in our shop are shipped in upcycled, colorful cotton bags, which you can reuse in any manner you wish. Since the bags are upcycled, we can't promise everybody the same kind of bag.

It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.


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