Spring is Here Palette
Spring is Here Palette
Spring is Here Palette

Spring is Here Palette

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We have 10 spring colors in this palette.

1. Lemon Yellow- The perfect cool yellow offering a lot of control, use this gorgeous yellow to mix bright, tropical greens.
Pigment - PY3
Semi-transparent, non-granulating, low staining
LightfastnesS - II (Our tests are going on on this pigment, until we update with the correct LF rating, we suggest you use this color carefully)

2. Hobbes - The first Orange in our line, it's named after one of my favourite fictional characters, Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. It's the perfect orange that mixes rich, earthy greens with Syahi Prussian Blue.
Pigment - PY83, PR112
LF - I, Semi-opaque, non-granulating, medium staining

3. Sunset Peach - A warm salmon color perfect for the peachy warmth in sunset skies.
Pigment - PR112, PY42, PW6
LF - II, Opaque to translucent, non-granulating, semi-staining

4. Quin. Magenta - This gorgeous transparent pink is the cooler sister to our warm Quin. Gulaal. Extremely lightfast, use this to create your landscape skies or soft florals. Quin. Magenta has a large tonal range.
Pigment - PR122
Transparent, staining, non-granulating
Lightfastness - I

5. Cloud Purple - A muted pastel purple that speaks of sunset cloud shadows.
Pigment - PV23, PR112, PW6
LF - I , Opaque to translucent, non-granulating, non-staining

6. Velvet Sky - A beautifully soft lavender-blue for that leftover, soft blue you see when the sun has already set. I can't quite describe the loveliness of this color; it is my favourite shade from this set.
Pigment - PB29, PW6
LF - I , Opaque to translucent, lightly-granulating, non-staining

7. Sky Blue - The color of a warm, sunny sky!
Pigment - PB15, PW6
LF - I , Opaque to translucent, non-granulating, semi-staining

8. Sage Green - An earthy pastel green which is perfect to add a boho softness to your foliage, unlike other greens which can be quite powerful. An excellent addition to your collection of greens

Pigment - PY42, PB15, PW6
Lightfast, non-granulating, opaque-to-transparent
9. New Leaf - The color of new birth, this is a glowing yellow-green color of new leaves budding into life.
Pigment - PY3, PG7
Semi-opaque,non-granulating, medium staining
Lightfastness - II
10. Paddy Green - In Monsoons, the fields of villages nestled in the Western Ghats flame up in eye-catching green. This granulating color is inspired by that vision, with the blue settling and separating, much like the water that feeds the paddy fields.
Pigment - PY74, PB29
Transparent to semi transparent, granulating, staining 
Lightfastness - 8 (1 is lowest, 8 is highest)

Each pan is magnetised. The paints come in their individual portable tin boxes. All tin boxes in our shop are shipped in upcycled, colorful cotton bags, which you can reuse in any manner you wish. Since the bags are upcycled, we can't promise everybody the same kind of bag.

It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.

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