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Get this complete set of scintillating handmade shimmer watercolors to add a touch of royal glimmer to your artwork. Perfect for watercolors, calligraphy and other decorative crafts. This set contains eighteen magical colors with dynamic properties:

1. Holly Red- A fiery red reminiscent of the glint of holly berries.

2. Hibiscus - a beautiful deep pink shimmer, like a lovely eyeshadow.

3. Seaglass - Reminiscent of the ocean treasures, this duochrome pigment shows both blue and green.

4. Atlantis - One of my favourite duochrome pigment flitting between a brilliant turquoise on white paper and gold on colored surfaces.

5. Shadow Blue - a beautiful duochrome that dances between a subtle shadow color on white paper and an electric blue on colored surfaces.

6. Copper - A classic pearlescent color.

7. Jiji - Named after our sweet black cat, Jiji, this glimmering dark grey color is so beautiful!

8. Orchid Glow - a special interference paint reminding us of the gorgeous purple orchids.

9. Mistletoe - a stunning interference paint to add magic to your illustrations.

10. Sunspear - the most beautiful gold mica color inspired by the stunning gold details in Rajasthani miniature paintings. Add a royal touch to your artworks with this.

11. Dewdrop - a muted silver glimmer, leans towards a bluish silver look. The particle size is larger, perfect for adding a subtle shimmer to other base colors.

12. Acorn Glint - An intense red-brown mica paint, it is named after the shiny glint on autumn acorns.

13. Stardust - touch this and it literally feels like touching stardust. The particle size is big and you get a gorgeous silvery shimmer of a snowy night. Add it to a base paint and watch the magic.

14. Rose doré - One of my favourite duochrome pigment that dances between a subtle gold and a shimmery classy rose, depending on how you hold it to light on white paper. On black, it reveals its rose side.

15. Gilded leaf - A duochrome pigment flitting between a subtle green and gold on white paper. It looks a solid gold on black surfaces.

16. Papillon - Reminiscent of the iridescent wings of butterflies, this duochrome pigments shows both pink and blue.

17. Haku - a special interference paint named after my sweet kitten, Haku. Adds a shimmery blue glint to any colored surface, like the blue of beetle wings.

18. Satsuki - a special interference paint named after my sweet kitten, Satsuki, Haku's sister. Adds a shimmery pink magic to any colored surface.

All these colors are non-toxic and have excellent UV stability.

The set comes with a free matte black tin box. Each pan is magnetised to ensure it doesn't move inside the box.

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