About Blue Pine Arts

Hello, hello!


Blue Pine Arts was founded by Trupti Karjinni as an effort to bring high-quality, artist grade art supplies carefully-crafted in India.

Being a watercolor artist herself, Trupti was fascinated by the play of pigments with water. She began work into crafting our line of artist-grade watercolors using traditional techniques of the yore. We believe that creativity exists in everybody. Through our carefully-crafted artist materials, we want to unshackle the artist in you and enable you to create more.

Our paints contain just two things - pigment and binder. That's it. No fillers, no additives, nothing to lessen the beauty of pure pigments. When we make the paint, we lovingly mull the pigments by hand on a glass slab, combining it with the binder made from high-quality gum arabic (sap from Acacia tree), ethically sourced organic honey from the Eastern Ghats of India and a small amount of clove oil, which acts as a natural preservative.

Our paint pans are hand-poured in multiple layers to pack as much pigment in them as possible, making the paint last that much longer. Our paints re-wet easily, giving you a luxurious load of pigment in a brush stroke. It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.

We have spent hundreds of hours learning, researching and experimenting in making of our watercolors and other artists' supplies. Here's hoping you make magic with them!