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Ahista Tea

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The Marriage of Tea & Watercolors

I have long believed that tea and watercolors are a good marriage. If you think about it, both have many similarities in the way they are made. 

You can't rush the process of making either of them. To enjoy the full body of tea, you have to bring the water to the right temperature, steep it well and savour it in mindfulness. It's the same slow mindfulness that comes into play when mulling paint - the pigment-to-binder ratio has to be just right and it needs to be mulled for a particular time until the paint is rich and luxurious.

Think about how you enjoy tea and watercolors. For the ardent tea lover, making and drinking tea is a ritual. This is no different from us watercolor lovers who savour the pigments spreading in watercolor in our creative rituals.

Don't you think they both complement each other beautifully?

These are some of the reasons why we have a beautiful collaborative partnership with
Ahista Tea.

Ahista Tea are specialists in single-batch, premium teas and they share the same values as Blue Pine Arts - rituals, tradition, community, slow living… In fact, “Ahista” translates to “a slow pace” - this brings to mind the art of slow living by taking a step back and savoring each moment with thoughtfulness and intention. They take a minimalist approach when infusing tradition and innovation into their teas and tea-related products; which are handmade, timeless, minimal, and sustainable.


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