About Trupti Karjinni

Hello, hello!


Trupti Karjinni is an internationally recognised artist and instructor, with watercolors being her main love. She is the Founder and CEO of Blue Pine Arts, a company that makes handmade artisanal watercolors and other art supplies.

Trupti’s signature Misty Pines paintings are recognised all around the world. She teaches popular watercolor classes on many online platforms, like Watercolor Summit and Skillshare, and she also teaches in-person workshops internationally and in India. She also maintains a popular Instagram presence which inspires thousands of people to create everyday and lets her partner with international brands.

Trupti is predominantly self-taught and she used this knowledge to empower and inspire others in their learning to make art. Trupti’s love for nature resounds in her works. She paints the places she wants to go and hopes her artworks transport the viewers to those places too. Her philosophy of making art is to create every day because every brush strokes teaches you more than you knew before it. You never stop learning when making art. And when learning is pure, meditative happiness with creating art, why even stop?

Trupti lives in Belgaum, India, with her husband, Nahush, and her cat, Satsuki, who is a celebrity in her own right and acts like it too (I mean, which cat doesn’t?)