Palette of the Month
Palette of the Month
Palette of the Month

Palette of the Month

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A fresh set of colors put together every month, fresh enough to shake things up in your creative practice.

Ready to meet the colors?

1. Turmeric Yellow Ochre - A staple in almost all artists' palettes, it is a warm, earthy, golden yellow with a large tonal range.

Pigment - PY42
Opaque to transparent, non-granulating, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 (1 is lowest, 8 is highest)

2. Rosamarine - A vivacious blend of pigments, the Ultramarine blue settles and the Quinacridone Rose floats. This interesting effect can be used in many delightful ways!

Pigment - PV19, PB29
Transparent, granulating, medium staining
Lightfastness - I

3. Dark Clove Hematite - My absolute favourite brown with a dark value, it granulates with the most beautiful texture. It has found a permanent place in my palette.

Pigment - PBr7
Semi transparent, heavily granulating, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 (1 is lowest, 8 is highest)

4. Forest Green - A new take on one of our most popular colors, this is a rich, deep green inspired by the shadows of Monsoon jungles. Think of this as a greenish neutral color on your palette, akin to Pyrelene Green.

Pigments - PG7, PBk7
Transparent to semi transparent, non-granulating, staining
Lightfastness - 1

Each pan is magnetised. The paints come in their individual portable tin boxes. All tin boxes in our shop are shipped in upcycled, colorful cotton bags, which you can reuse in any manner you wish. Since the bags are upcycled, we can't promise everybody the same kind of bag.

It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.