Pink and Gold Shimmers
Pink and Gold Shimmers
Pink and Gold Shimmers
Pink and Gold Shimmers

Pink and Gold Shimmers

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A collection of all our shimmers that are golds,
pinks and purples to add that extra dazzle to your

1.Sunspear - the most beautiful gold mica color inspired by the stunning gold details in Rajasthani miniature paintings. Add a royal touch to your artworks with this.

2.Rich Gold - Reminiscent of renaissance painting frames, this rich gold can add a heavy gilding to your florals or add a delicate, transparent shimmer to anything you desire.

3.Kuber's Gold - Named after the demi-God treasurer of Gods in our Hindu culture, this gold is brighter and glitters more than our famous Sunspear gold. It is also warmer. It has a saturation and richness that can only be felt when you really paint with it.

4.Gilded leaf - A duochrome pigment flitting between a subtle green and gold on white paper. It looks a solid gold on black surfaces.

5.Rose doré - One of my favourite duochrome pigment that dances between a subtle gold and a shimmery classy rose, depending on how you hold it to light on white paper. On black, it reveals its rose side.

6.Papillon - Reminiscent of the iridescent wings of butterflies, this duochrome pigments shows both pink and blue.

7.Satsuki - a special interference paint named after my sweet kitten, Satsuki, Haku's sister. Adds a shimmery pink magic to any colored surface.

8. Orchid Glow - a special interference paint reminding us of the gorgeous purple orchids.

All these paints are non-toxic and have excellent UV stability.

The set comes with a free matte black tin box. Each pan is magnetised to ensure it doesn't move inside the box.