Vintage Roses Palette and Medium Sketchbook Combo

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The combo contains the Vintage Roses palette and one Medium size watercolor journal.

This is the third edition of our best-selling Vintage Roses palette. It is inspired by the warm and cosy colors of vintage rose patterns.

1.Rose Kiss - This beauty can go as dark as a vibrant rose and as delicate as a cheek blushing under a kiss. The perfect color for soft florals and soft sunrise skies.
Pigment - PV19, PY42
Semi-transparent, lightly staining 
Lightfastness - 8 = Very Lightfast

2.Poinsettia Red - This deep, rich red granulates beautifully, with the red floating and the brown granulation settling down. Mix it with Light Olive to make rich browns.
Pigment - PR112, PR101
Semi transparent, granulating, slightly staining
Lightfastness - 8 = Very Lightfast

3.Light Olive - An opaque-to-transparent green, use it to paint vintage rose leaves to late summer foliage. Mix it with Poinsettia Red to get delicious rich browns.

Pigment - PB27, PY42
Opaque to transparent, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 = Very Lightfast

4.Slate Grey - A beautiful cool pastel grey, mix it with Rose Kiss to get the loveliest mauve shade. Try it!
Pigment - PBk 11, PW6
Opaque to transparent, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 = Very Lightfast

5.Rich Gold - Reminiscent of renaissance painting frames, this rich gold can add a heavy gilding to your florals or add a delicate, transparent shimmer to anything you desire.
Opaque to transparent, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 = Very Lightfast

It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.

All these colors are non-toxic. The set comes with a free black watercolor tin box and an up-cycled cotton bag.


• DIMENSIONS - 8.5" x 5.5"

• Paperback cover with deckled and hand-torn edges 

• 22 pages (44 sides) 

• Paper - 100% cotton, Indian handmade paper, cold press, 220gsm, Rough

• Cloth cover - Upcycled, high-quality Indian fabric

Our sketchbooks are hand stitched, paperback and cloth bound suitable for watercolors and other water-based mediums.

Sketchbooks are saddle-stitched so that they can open flat for easy use. The papers have deckled edge and hand-torn edges to maintain a rustic look. This size fits perfectly in small purses, tote bags or backpacks for the traveling artist.

Each sketchbook comes packed in a free cotton bag which can be used to carry other art supplies too.