Handcrafted Watercolors and Art Supplies

Made By An Artist, For An Artist

We don’t ship orders, we send presents!

Get an unforgettable gift of hand-crafted art materials.

Fill your pockets with our artist-grade treasures like pure-pigment handcrafted watercolors, cotton paper sketchbooks, and brushrolls made with exotic fabrics.


Collect our range of 86 pure-pigment, professional-grade watercolors.


We release our artisanal supplies in collections. Everything is created in small batches, usually around a theme that inspires us.

When the collection goes live, we announce it first to our VIP Mailing List. We usually sell out of most of our products within an hour or two of going live, most of them scooped by our awesome community on our mailing list (make sure you’re on it, sign up below!)

After the early access to our mailing list, we announce the collection launch on Instagram. Once the products are all gone, our shop becomes empty until the next collection.

If you are not seeing anything in stock right now, it’s because we’re in the middle of creating a stunning collection of paints, sketchbooks, brushrolls, brushes, etc., for you!

The best way for you to be notified when we go live is to be on our VIP mailing list! That way you get a 2-hour early access and you can buy our products to your heart’s content.

If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on shop@bluepinearts.com.

We’re honored to be a part of your creative process and can’t wait to ship your “presents” to you. 😉

Why choose us?

Truly Special Packaging

Look out for all sorts of extra love like paper and paint samples, notes written on seed paper, tea packets, etc., all wrapped in a soft cotton bag made with upcycled fabric.

No Additives

Our paint is made of only two things - pure pigments and organic gum arabic binder. No fillers, additives and harsh chemicals to diminish the beauty of our colors.

By An Artist, For An Artist

Our founder, Trupti Karjinni, is an internationally-recognized, accomplished watercolorist herself. Her high expectations from the supplies she uses is reflected in the art materials we carefully create for you.

Renowned Customer Service

Because you are basically family to us, we treat you like one. Our customers always hear from us immediately. You will ALWAYS feel cared for at Blue Pine Arts.

Keeping a millenia-old tradition alive

Paints were hand-mulled by the Egyptians, during Renaissance, by the Old Masters, during Impressionism, to even this day where Rajasthani miniature painters grind and mull their own paints.

We are honored to be the torch bearers of this historical art ritual.

because you are special...

We don't ship orders, we send presents!

Cotton bags, paint & paper samples, tea and a thank you note on seed paper - just a few extra goodies from us to make your package unwrapping special.