Gilded Monochrome Palette
Gilded Monochrome Palette
Gilded Monochrome Palette
Gilded Monochrome Palette
Gilded Monochrome Palette
Gilded Monochrome Palette

Gilded Monochrome Palette

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Bring this elegant contrast between gilded shimmers and single pigment neutrals to your creative work.   

Ready to meet the colors?

1. Sunspear - the most beautiful gold mica color inspired by the stunning gold details in Rajasthani miniature paintings. Add a royal touch to your artworks with this.

2. Lunar Silk - This is a deep metallic silver that is quite different from whitish silver. It's a deep black-ish antique silver that has a high sheen and reflects light brilliantly.

3. Kuber's Gold - Named after the demi-God treasurer of Gods in our Hindu culture, this gold is brighter and glitters more than our famous Sunspear gold. It is also warmer. It has a saturation and richness that can only be felt when you really paint with it.

4. Stardust - Touch this and it literally feels like touching stardust. The particle size is big and you get a gorgeous silvery shimmer of a snowy night. Add it to a base paint and watch the magic.

5. Amber Glint - A brilliant bronze-gold, this is an orangish gold that has high glitter effect. It really pops off the paper, making it ideal for luxe effects in your artworks

6. Gilded leaf - A duochrome pigment flitting between a subtle green and gold on white paper. It looks a solid gold on black surfaces.

7. Rich Gold - Reminiscent of renaissance painting frames, this rich gold can add a heavy gilding to your florals or add a delicate, transparent shimmer to anything you desire.

8. Jiji - Named after our sweet black cat, Jiji, this glimmering dark grey color is so beautiful!

9. Titanium White - Create pastel shades with this heavily pigment, creamy white. Use it in thick consistency to paint white highlights or water it down to semi-opaqueness to create fog.
Pigment - PW6
Semi Opaque, non granulating, non-staining
Lightfastness - 1 (1 is lowest, 8 is highest) 

10. Mars Black Pepper - A stunning black that granulates with a beige undertone. Use it to paint textured grey metal or mix it with other dark-values colors to add dark granulation to that paint.
Pigment - PBk11
Opaque to transparent, heavily granulating, non-staining
Lightfastness - 8 (1 is lowest, 8 is highest)

11. Raven - Opaque and warm, this velvety black when mixed in moderation with high chroma colors can add depth to transparent color mixes.
Pigment - PBk6
Lightfast, non-granulating, opaque-to-transparent

Each pan is magnetised. The paints come in their individual portable tin boxes. All tin boxes in our shop are shipped in upcycled, colorful cotton bags, which you can reuse in any manner you wish. Since the bags are upcycled, we can't promise everybody the same kind of bag.

It is natural for some paints to have cracked surfaces by their nature. However, we assure you, the cracks don't affect the performance of the paints.


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